The Foundation’s current areas of interest are:

  • Food scarcity in East Africa
  • Health and welfare in East Africa
  • Education in the UK
  • Children’s charities


Below are examples of previous projects.

Mobility Camp

Kenya, 21st October 2007


  • 60 wheelchairs and 60 Jaipur Foot units were donated to 120 locals suffering from spinal injuries, stroke, limb deformities and amputees. Food and sanitary towels were also donated.
  • Some of the wheelchairs had a trading platform created and attached to them so users could sell items from it and generate an income.

Transportation and distribution of basic necessities

Kenya, 4th October 2009


  • Food parcels, sanitary towels and school supplies were transported from Nairobi and distributed to remote villages.
  • The food parcels contained basic items like sugar, rice, wheat, flour, bread and salt.

Eye & ENT Camp

Kenya, 16th-27th April 2012


  • From 16th to 20th April, 10 screening centers were set up in 10 different rural areas outside of Thika. These screening centers performed an initial assessment on all patients and treated those with minor ailments.
  • Patients with more serious conditions were treated at the Eye and ENT Camp, held between the 21st to 27th April at Thika High School. The school was converted into a temporary hospital, with boarding houses converted to wards, allowing patients to stay overnight for 1-2 days while they recovered.
  • Volunteer doctors had travelled from India and the UK, as well as within Kenya.
  • 18,791 patients were screened, 471 patients received eye operations, 224 patients received ear, nose and throat operations and 7,198 glasses were dispersed.

If you would like to find out more about the foundation, please contact Rupal on 0208 905 7667 or email